For the ethical and efficient use of human genomic and healthcare data

DNAdigest works to educate, facilitate, and engage on issues regarding the access to genomic and healthcare data for the benefit of patients.  DNAdigest supports accessible, reproducible research by designing novel mechanisms and concepts for data acquiring, accessing and sharing, as well as helping on its massive application by using Change Management concepts to empower all stakeholders, creating a proper Competencies System.   

It is time for action, we are taking the lead and brokering between scientific institutions, private industry, patient communities, civil society, international initiatives and governmental institutions. We at DNAdigest have the unique advantage of having experience on all those roles, including as Rare Disease patients, we understand all points of views and we can translate from all perspectives.  



We are a not-for-profit organization established with the purpose of promoting and enabling open access to knowledge for the advancement of genomics and clinical research. We are registered as a charity in England and Wales with company registration number: 08585251  and charity registration number: 1154095. 

The social enterprise Repositive (formerly Nucleobase Ltd, company registration number: 08820538), used to be a subsidiary to DNAdigest, but was spun out as a separate company in August 2014 to enable fundraising by investment for the development of a software platform and methodology to facilitate genomic data handling. The Repositive team is still involved in DNAdigest by offering their efforts pro-bono to run some DNAdigest activities. Read more about Repositive at http://repositive.io

Since DNAdigest was founded in 2013, we have been working tirelessly to promote best practices for data sharing in genetics/genomics research through events, online communication and research publications. Still today on many occasions data is not correctly acquired, stored or organized, invaluable data and efforts from governments and institutions has been lost forever.

In 2018 we decided to get more involved, increase our commitment and synergize. We will be also on the field, helping other charities, companies, patient organizations, NGOs and governmental institutions on the whole process of establishing the data path and healthcare workflows from the patient onward and broker the data usage. We are now more committed than ever to empower patients and their families and all healthcare related personnel, assisting them and facilitating their access to the latest technologies and to a worldwide support network.

Our Trustees

Fiona Nielsen
Founder, Trustee and CEO of DNAdigest and Repositive. Educated in the University of Southern Denmark and the Radboud University in the Netherlands. From a brilliant career on Computing Sciences and Bioinformatics on the academy and industry, she became an entrepreneur with many prizes and recognition to her leadership in scientific and entrepreneurial innovation. Repositive Ltd, under the direction of F. Nielsen had been recognized as the best start-up dedicated to eHealth on the United Kingdom.

Repositive today, apart from working on information brokerage for Human Genomic data and the work with the NIH Data Commons Initiative is leading the development of Information Management Systems for the organization, search and retrieval of specific cell and animal models for Cancer Research. Fiona’s LinkedIn profile

Rolando E. Rodriguez
Trustee of DNAdigest, Overseas Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. Educated in the University of Havana, then Osaka and Oxford. Alumni of the EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany and the EBI, Cambridge, UK. Professor of Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular Structure and Rational Drug Design with patents in the US and the rest of the world. Teaching on Public Health, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration being a mentor in several Business Incubators and Accelerators. Lately focusing its efforts to entrepreneurship and business development and the redesign of Healthcare Systems and the introduction of  the most recent advances in Information and Telecommunications Technologies. Using his experience on project and enterprise management, Prof. Rodríguez is also using Change Management and Design Thinking for the design of methodologies, products and services in the transformation of Healthcare and the introduction of Precision Medicine.

His main research work is now on long time Quantum and Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Molecular Modelling, using hybrid AI methodologies applied to big-data from literature, *omics and healthcare (clinical) to augment knowledge and improve biomarker identification, drug discovery and ligand design, especially on cell signalling mechanisms, oncology and Rare Diseases, and combining multi omics with Clinical and Healthcare data for intelligent Patient Stratification and Clinical Trial design.   Rolando’s LinkedIn profile.

Marek Bálint
Trustee of DNAdigest, Educated in Bratislava as a Software Engineer, has  accumulated a great deal of experience from many diverse industries including banking, insurance, telecom, media, travel, computer security and geospatial. Marek is a true scholar, going in depth on all those subjects he is related to, his vast knowledge, along with his particular analytical and soft skills make him a great team leader.

He is currently leading the development of new strategies and methodologies in data and computing science on several companies. Marek’s LinkedIn profile 


Not-for-profit organisation registered with company number: 08585251 and charity registration number: 1154095 with the Charity Commision of England and Wales

e-mail:   contact@dnadigest.org.uk

Written enquiries may be sent to our company secretary Mrs Trina Hill at:

c/o BCS, Windsor House, Station Court, Station Road
Great Shelford, Cambridge CB22 5NE, United Kingdom