Day: 3 August 2015

Notes on DATA SHARING from the BioSHaRe and HandsOn: Biobanks conferences

Two exciting conferences for those interested in data sharing On 28-31 July 2015, Universit√† degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca hosted the BioSHaRE and the HandsOn: Biobanks conferences. The first one, BioSHaRE, focused on the tools and services for data sharing developed by the EU project BioSHaRE. It is a collaboration between 14 institutions from Europe and Canada which aims to facilitate data harmonisation and standardisation, data sharing and pooling across multiple biobanks and databases. Their recent catalogue of tools encompasses the following areas: data description, presentation and search (Cafe Variome, OmicsConnect, Mica, MOLGENIS/Observ-EMX); data harmonisation across databases (BiobankConnect, DataSchema, EnviroSHaPER, Opal, SORTA, Vortex/Spa); data analysis across databases (DataSHIELD, ESPRESSO); contributor recognition (BRIF, ORCID); standardisation of sample handling (standards and recommendations); ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI guidances, ECOUTER). The HandsOn: Biobanks conference attracted researchers from biobanks from Europe, Japan, and Canada. The diverse programme of this event covered multiple aspects of biobanking, such as sample collection and storage, IT infrastructure and interoperability, ethical and legal issues. One of the current challenges for biobanks as well as for many other data resources is exposing their data to the¬†interested community and making their data usable. This requires, among other things, smartly organised catalogues […]