Day: 8 March 2017

DNAdigest interviews Megan Doerr from Sage Bionetworks

Megan Doerr is a Principal Scientist at Sage Bionetworks. She will be speaking at the BioData West Congress in April 2017. 1. Please introduce yourself, your background and your current role.  My name is Megan Doerr. I am a licensed genetic counselor. My career path has been a bit non-linear. My original training is as a botanist. My first jobs were doing grassland restoration in East Africa and the American Mid-West. After being nearly struck by lightening one too many times, I became a classroom teacher. I taught science to middle and high schoolers in Boston, London, and Cleveland. I loved it – kids are naturally curious as well as being tons of fun – it was a joyful job. But I really missed doing my own science. I joined the genetic counseling community in 2006. From 2009 to 2015, I led the clinical development and implementation of Cleveland Clinic’s family history and risk assessment tool, MyFamily. While at the Clinic, I was able to get my science on with the support of the Center for Genetic Research Ethics and Law (CGREAL), a Center for Excellence in Ethical, Legal and Social Implications Research funded by NHGRI, at Case Western Reserve University. […]