BioData World Congress 2015

Genomics, big data and bioinformatics mark the start of the journey, while personalised medicine is the end goal. How we get there will depend on whether we can get usable intelligence from the data – and then acting on it.

BioData moto

The BioData World Congress, organized by the Health Network Communications Limited will take place from 21st October to the 22nd October 2015 at the Wellcome Trust Conference Centre in Cambridge, UK. The conference will:

  • examine the science and technology that is shaping and revolutionising our understanding of complex biological processes
  • review the game changing innovation, roadblocks, critical success factors in the utilisation of genomic data
  • How big data is driving developments in personalised medicine
  • bring senior scientists within academia, pharma and biotech companies in order to facilitate discussion and partnerships

Join the world leading life science research institutions at BioData World Congress at the Wellcome Genome Campus and help make personalised healthcare a reality.

The conference will feature speakers and poster sessions across four topics: Bioinformatics, Cloud Computing, Next-generation Sequencing and Personalised Medicine. Fiona Nielsen, our CEO, will be one of the official speakers during day two of the conference and will be happy to chat with any of the participants. Full conference and registration details can be found on the conference website along a list of the impressive number of speakers and agenda of the event.

BioData World Congress 2015