Open Research Meetup in Cambridge – Lively discussion followed the intro videos and presentation

On December 16th Fiona Nielsen gave a presentation at the Open Research meetup in Cambridge. The meetup organiser had invited DNAdigest to participate in a discussion on genomics and data sharing. Keren asked the question “Would you share your genome?” and introduced the evening with a video explaining what a genome is and what it means to have your genome sequenced. Fiona gave a presentation on the field of genetics data sharing including topics such as data sharing for research, patient consent and direct-to-consumer genetic testing.
The audience was an approximately 50/50 division of researchers vs other professions which gave an insightful discussion on the advantages of genetic research and the potential risks of data sharing and the high hopes of the impact of genetics on the future of medicine. 

The slide presentation can be downloaded from SlideShare.

The Open Research meetup is a chapter initiated by members of the Open Knowledge Foundation. You can read about their upcoming events on their OKFN web page: