These are exciting times for genomics research! Last week  more than sixty organisations around the world announced the formation of a global consortia, the Global Alliance, to enable data sharing in genomics research. The intention of this consortia is to develop standards, similar to how W3C developed standards for the internet, so that the research data around the world will have common representation formats and become interoperable. The more institutions sign up for a common public position on the necessity of standards and data sharing to advance scientific research the better. But the work is not done by developing standards alone. The implementation of these standards over institutions that traditionally have used multiple and ad-hoc solutions for data storage and management is likely to take a while. In the meantime, there is a need to develop tools and mechanisms for interacting with and exchanging data to support the emerging standards, and this is the focus of DNAdigest. DNAdigest is developing a platform for accessing genomics data across institutions, opening up access, creating value for research, while maintaining data privacy. We work with the existing and developing standards and fully support the Global Alliance initiative and the development of open technology standards.

  • Did your institution sign up for the Global Alliance yet? Does your institution have standards for data formats and data exchange?

Get involved by contacting the Global Alliance: Read also, the Q&A with David Altschuler on ScienceInsider