Participants looking at some of the brainstorm post-it notes

This week the Open Knowledge Foundation ran a workshop on Open Data, Personal Data and Privacy. A recurring theme of the OKFN workshop was the interface of personal data and OpenData. The benefits of making data as easily available as possible are vast but it comes with a very sensitive issue attached. Protecting the privacy of individuals is paramount. The advantages of the transparency that OpenData brings are obvious, but for which purposes is it relevant to include personally identifiable information (PII) as OpenData, and to what extent is it possible to transform PII to OpenData or Open Knowledge. When it comes to Open Data, personal data and privacy it is important to tread carefully.

Brainstorming in action. A participant adds to the wall of post it notes at the OKFN workshop.

One strong message from the workshop was the complexity of communicating both OpenData and privacy. For each of these terms the participants brainstormed their associations and found that the connotations of these terms vary widely depending on your background and the context the terms are applied in. 

Participants at the OKFN workshop looking at some of the brainstorm post-it notes
Wall of post it notes at the OKFN workshop

Our CEO Fiona Nielsen participated in the OKFN workshop and chaired a discussion session on the topic of data transformation through aggregation and to what extent this can be applied to transform data to openly available data sets or OpenKnowledge.

Post it note with the details of the session at the OKFN workshop led by Fiona.

If you are interested in what took place at this OKFN workshop the OpenKnowledge Festival is happening in Berlin 15-17 July. You can also join their discussion mailing list.