£8 million raised will help save lives

Incredibly, over £8 million has been raised for Cancer Research in just 6 days after the ‘no-make-up-selfie’ went viral. It is an amazing example of the power of sharing and highlights how much of a difference can be made when the public are empowered. These are ideals that need to be incorporated more thoroughly into the scientific research itself – not just the funding for the research.

£8 million raised will help save lives
The £8 million raised will fund 10 new clinical trials

If you have somehow missed out on the trend it is an incredibly simple and effective process whereby individuals post a photo of their make-up-less face, a screenshot of their text donating £3 to charity, and publicly nominate a few selected friends to do the same. It follows the same format as a number of other recent viral campaigns, perhaps most (in)famously ‘neknominations’ a craze which swept the Facebook newsfeeds of university students everywhere. I think we can all agree that the viral selfie is just a tad more worthwhile.

Despite the enormous sums of money raised by the viral campaign it is not without criticism. Arguably it is a great shame that in todays society it is viewed as brave for a woman to reveal her make-up-less face. This is a sight which should be considered normal and natural rather than a heroic deed. Posting bare face photos should not be such a shocking sight. Many have criticised the campaign for trivialising the suffering of cancer. If you’re interested you can read one pretty damning response to the no make-up selfie here.

baby laughing
This baby thinks it’s pretty funny not wearing make-up has generated so much attention

Whatever your feelings on the subject matter of the campaign, clearly it has yielded amazing results and generated massive publicity for cancer research. Increasing awareness and raising funds are core principles of Cancer Research Campaigns. The no make-up selfie may not assist the feminist mission, but for cancer research and awareness it has evidently worked wonders. This campaign particularly reaches out to young people, who make up a core demographic of social media users. With charities such as Coppafeel working hard to raise cancer awareness in young people the success of this viral campaign is especially note worthy.

Lady Gaga's no make-up selfie
Celebrities including Lady Gaga have got involved with the campaign

To donate £3 text ‘BEAT’ to 70007. Selfie optional.